The Friendliest POS for Small & Medium Pharmacies

Designed to enable pharmacies be compliant and grow

RSD Compliance

Fully integrated and streamlined, for automatic track and trace within your daily activities

All Your Pharmacy Needs and More

  • POS

    A POS module, for efficient daily sales and secure transactions.

  • Sales & Orders

    Get insight into your customers and sales activities.

  • Smart Reporting

    Get detailed reports on all modules, including product sale forecasts.

  • Inventory

    Keep track of your inventory across branches, and get alerted for expiry and low stock.

  • Language

    Fully supports both English & Arabic

  • Optional Modules

    Accounting, Purchasing, and CRM

Why Juleb POS is The Best Choice

Full Product Catalogue

5000+ items can be easily selected from a catalogue of popular and best selling products registered in KSA Pharmacies. Identify the product your pharmacy needs to sell, and add to your inventory.

Deliver Directly to your Customers

Includes a delivery courier plug-in, for automatic integration with a logistics company of your choice. Deliver to customers with a click of a button.

Joining Juleb’s Pharmacy Network

Become a part of Juleb’s pharmacy network, and access benefits that include: industry updates, compliance upgrades, continuous system enhancements and feature improvements.

Juleb Offering

  • Annual Subscription

  • Compatible Hardware

  • Internet Connectivity

All the above with a super customer support team based in Saudi Arabia to help install and assure your technical needs are always served


Subscription questions
Subscription prices vary according to the subscription Plan, you can view the available subscription Plans Or, you can contact us to create your suitable plan.
The system supports connecting different branches of the same pharmacy so that it can track product availability across other branches as well and much more.
Subscription fee is usually paid on an annual basis, and it usually takes place on the day 30 after the Onboarding process starts (one month after the signing). More detail will be clarified in the contract.
Juleb are keeping track of all subscription term, and will begin reminding you in different phases, 90, 60 , 30 days prior to your renewal or due date.
You are guaranteed a system that works in a professional way around the clock, with Cloud storage, Continuous update, and access to the system in the agreed period and professional tickets support.
Unlimited users, we don't charge by number of users.
If your pharmacy has 10 or more branches, the best plan in this case is an Enterprise plan, to obtain the appropriate price, it is preferable to contact us.
All of your network browser activity runs with HTTPS. So, there would be no information leakage to any outside entity. We also have periodic backups and therefore your data will be safe.
Contact customer support and we will help you with that, and for any payment adjustment will adjust based on your agreement.
One year subscription, for us to ensure maximum benefit for our customer.
Will provide a Full demo for you to take an overview of what the system offers you, and a Test account for 1 week period to test all the required operations.
Onboarding and Support questions
After choosing the right package, sign the agreement and pay. You can easily start the onboarding process on the same day.
The onboarding process can be on the same day and up to 14 days only, depending on your provision of all requirements and the data that need to be transferred.
Depending on your selected package, there will be a different supporting level. If the supporting session is additional, there will be an extra charge applied. You can contact us at for more details.
Through Juleb tickets system support within the ERP, you can ask for any help you need.
Modules and Features questions

The modules that are included in the Juleb system are: Points of sale (POS), Inventory, Accounting and Purchases modules. The Juleb system is not limited to these modules, it is constantly renewed and there are many modules coming soon

There are many features that support the pharmacy operations, that includes and not limited to: Smart real-time Dashboard, continuous updates to cover all new requirements, different types of reporting and much more. You can learn more about Juleb ERP system features by visiting this link

Yes, we are the strategic partner with RSD for POS.

Our system is highly customizable, you can request your needs, and our team at Juleb will address it all.

Yes, Juleb is compatible with VAT. Juleb POS invoices, is following all GAZT requirements that will be released in December 2021. Also, our team will release the requirement for the integration before June 2022.

The POS module will continue to work normally, and once the internet returns, all information will be synced during the past period. However, the Internet must be available at the beginning and end of each session before closing the computer.

Juleb support both languages, Arabic and English.

Hardware and System Integration questions

The typical devices that you need to operate a retail pharmacy, such as computers, cash drawer barcode scanner, barcode printer, receipt printer.

The equipment in your possession will be tested, and if the system can read and print barcodes properly, there is no need to purchase new equipment. otherwise, recommendations will be made for devices compatible with the system, which you can buy from any supplier.

Chrome browser will be the best option to run Juleb ERP system, because notifications are handled better using Chrome.

Yes, Juleb can handle different types of integration when required.

Currently, Juleb is integrated with the RSD system and has the ability to integrate with any system for future requirements.